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While one does not often see the phrase “Page Turner” associated with business books, I can assure you that term applies to “Think Inside The Box” by Tim Nelson and Jim McGee. Their approach is direct and insightful, the writing clear and thought provoking, filled with page after page of “Ah Ha” moments. I was literally running out of space in the margins as I made note after note to follow up on one recommendation after another. Buy this book and follow their map – I am certain your organization will benefit.

Robert Kocis Managing Member Three Pines Capital, LLC


At the heart of this wonderful book is a methodology to unlock the full potential that exists inside your business today!  As we know, hard work is important.  More critically however, hard work with a focus on the right things is essential to long term success.  I have found with my own businesses that often people are mired in day-to-day paradigms clouding judgement, introducing complexity, and ultimately limiting performance. It is a leader’s responsibility to drive clarity, to ensure focus on the most important opportunities, and create the organizational courage and capacity to weed out the rest.

“Think Inside The Box” represents an incredible tool and methodology for leaders to significantly unleash the power of clarity and simplicity in their business creating opportunities to significantly streamline and improve their operations.  All the leader needs to do is engage “Think Inside The Box.”

Claude Demby CEO  Noel Group

Prepare to be amazed at how simple it is!  Skeptical?  I was too…

Here’s another consultant…  WRONG!

This book provides details you need to make the complex simple. I was truly opened minded BUT did not believe.  I had huge doubts but was fully committed to try so that when it failed could say I did my best…  Not only was it successful, it truly amazed us at how such a simple process could change a company.

If your business is led by decision makers who live off gut hunches and always know better than the data, this will not help you.  If however, your business is led by appropriately skeptical “prove it to me” individuals who will commit to a quad analysis and zero up model and make decisions based on the data, the road map described in this book will transform your business like you never thought possible. You too will become a believer. Dont take my word, TRY IT!!

Mike Sellers Operations Manager Nomaco Insulation